Kayla and Walgreens

Orphan to Big Brother

Walgreens was rescued from behind a (you guessed it) Walgreens drug store when he was just a couple of months old. He was all by himself, scared, and living among a pile of tires right off of a busy road. He was lucky that someone found him when they did, because this wasn't a safe place for a little kitten! He was skinny and cold but so full of love. He was a big cuddler immediately with his rescuers and especially loved having his ears rubbed. Even though he had experienced plenty of scary things, he knew that these humans were going to take care of him.

He settled into his foster home well and loved playing with his foster sisters. Though, they quickly put him in his place - he wasn't used to having siblings and his sisters always let him know when they wanted him to back off. Still, they had a wonderful time chasing all of the mouse toys their hearts desired. Walgreens was so happy to have playmates!

When it was time for him to find his forever home at the Cat Cottage, he was pretty shy at first. However, before long, Kayla and her family came to PAWS Atlanta to adopt a cat. They noticed how handsome Walgreens was immediately, and his sweetness won them over. He finally had his forever family! 

Kayla says that, these days, Walgreens is doing great and has adjusted seamlessly to his new home. He LOVES snuggling with his human brother. He likes to lay on top of him to protect him while he naps. He's grown up so much but is still the same sweet kitten he's always been.

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