Stories of Love

Send a Valentine that saves lives!

This Valentine's Day, think outside the chocolate box. Roses are great, but who doesn't love a cute puppy or kitten? 

Don't worry, you don't have to adopt one to get in on the fun (although we won't stop you if you want to). When you donate to our Stories of Love campaign, a Valentine will be sent to someone you care about. 

$50 - a digital Valentine via email

$100 - a printed Valentine card via mail

$250 - a personalized social media shoutout

You get to choose whether your loved one will receive a cute cat or a dynamite dog, and each Valentine can include a personalized message from you.

Read a few Stories of Love about families who found their happily-ever-after with an animal that fills their hearts with love:

Jessica & Bethany: Helping to Heal

Lauren & Spirit Fingers: One Big, Happy Family

Kayla & Walgreens: Orphan to Big Brother

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