Lauren and Spirit Fingers

One Big, Happy Family

Spirit Fingers arrived at PAWS Atlanta a bit out of the blue. One of our staff members, Sam, went to Fulton County Animal Services to drop off a donation of crates, and, while she was there, their staff asked if we could take on a few of their dogs due to overcrowding. We were able to take two, one of whom was Spirit Fingers. She was the sweetest girl from the moment we saw her, and we knew she would find the perfect family.

After a few weeks of being at PAWS Atlanta, Spirit Fingers moved into foster - with the same staff member who brought her from Fulton County! Sam has always had a soft spot for black dogs and has two of her own, so Spirit Fingers fit right in. When Spirit was ready for adoption, one of Sam's friends, Lauren, and her family were very interested in meeting her. And the rest is history! 

Here's what Lauren had to say about Spirit Finger's adoption and forever home:

Why did you decide to adopt Spirit Fingers?

My daughter has an affinity for animals. She was always pointing out animals we encountered out and about. She loved to highlight the cats and birds, but she had a special, excited reaction whenever she saw a dog. It was clear she wanted a four-legged friend to play with and care for in her life, so we began our search for our first family dog.

How is Spirit Fingers doing now?

Spirit Fingers is doing great! She's made herself a part of this family and has a special relationship with each human in the house. To me, she's another toddler who's always excited to see me. To my boyfriend, Spirit Fingers is the ultimate office dog and ball fetcher since he works from home. To my daughter, Spirit is her best friend! They're excited to see each other when school ends. No matter where she goes, or who she interacts with, Spirit is guaranteed to find happiness (and ear scratches) in this house. 

What kind of activities does Spirit Fingers enjoy?

As cliche as it sounds, Spirit enjoys playing fetch. She loves to leap around a field chasing a ball! Her record is 50 back-to-back retrievals.

How does Spirit Fingers show her love?

Spirit Fingers has an ironic name because her love language is touch. Although she's lacking human arms, she does her best to "hug" people when she gets pet. She will curl her body against you in a "C" shape. We think the "C" stands for "care."

What do you love most about Spirit Fingers?

Her personality! She strikes the perfect balance between playful and quiet. She has a good range for playing ball outside or curling up with when you're reading a nice book on a rainy day.

What would Spirit Fingers give you for Valentine’s Day?

If she could give us anything, it would likely be a long walk around the neighborhood. She loves quality time with her humans!


We're so happy for Spirit Fingers and her family. We're big fans of an adoption that allows kids to learn about and love animals (literally the cutest thing). Thank you to Lauren and her family for giving Spirit Fingers the best Love Story!

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