Adoption FAQs

What is the adoption process for PAWS Atlanta?

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Does PAWS Atlanta hold animals?

PAWS Atlanta unfortunately cannot hold any dogs or cats, even if the application is submitted and accepted. Many potential adopters PROMISE to return on a certain day, but sadly do not. Holding a pet in these scenarios could cause them to miss out on a wonderful forever home. Therefore, we ask that upon successful completion of the application process and payment of the adoption fee, you are prepared to take your new pet home with you. This also opens up the kennel space for us to save another life!

What are the adoption fees?

The adoption fee helps cover the cost of each animal’s expenses and care (e.g. vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchipping, food, etc.) prior to them being adopted.


  • $275 for all dogs under one year old
  • $250 for all dogs over one year
  • $175 for a dog who is seven years old and up
  • 15% discount for a dog/puppy adopted by a senior citizen (65 years old)


  • $150 for all kittens (under one year old)
  • $125 for all cats (one year old and up)
  • $100 for a cat that is seven years old and up
  • 15% discount for a cat/kitten who is adopted by a senior citizen (65 years old)

Adoption fee includes all animals being spay/neutered, microchipped, on flea/tick preventative, tested & current on all age-appropriate vaccinations. As part of your adoption, you will receive a bag of Science Diet or other food that your new pet has been eating while at the shelter to help him or her acclimate.

What or whom should I bring with me to the shelter to complete the adoption process?

All household members (including children) should be present for the adoption process. If you have other dogs that reside in your home and you are potentially adopting a dog from PAWS Atlanta, please bring them too. We offer supervised meet & greets to ensure that everyone gets along well. Also needed is a valid picture ID and proof that your lease allows pets, if you are renting.

Are the dogs housetrained? Are the cats litter box trained?

Many of our animals previously lived in homes and keep their kennels very clean. Our cats also use litter boxes in the Cat Cottage. Still, there will always be an adjustment period for your pet in a new environment. It is common for dogs to have accidents while learning their new home and family expectations. Puppies require extra supervision and training, much like human babies. Cats also may need some time before they are social and/or using their new litter boxes. We are always available for any questions as you help your new pet get adjusted, but please plan to give them some time.

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