The Perfect Pair

Matthew's Story

Matthew arrived at PAWS Atlanta in January of 2021, and he was in rough shape. We don't know exactly where he came from, as he was left at our gate by his previous owner, but it was clear that he hadn't received the care he needed. Matthew was shy and closed off at first, and we had to earn his trust. Gradually, he opened up and started to show us what a silly guy he is. He waited for 651 days to find a loving home, constantly being overlooked for younger kittens and more outgoing cats.

However, in October of 2022, he finally found the loving home he deserves! He's living a life full of love with his mom, who absolutely adores him. She says the following about her perfect boy:

"Matthew is the best cat in the world and we’re so happy - dare I say, attached at the hip. We relocated earlier this year back up to New York and he handled it well. Car rides aren’t his favorite thing but he’s a trooper and settled right in. All of my friends and coworkers are HUGE Matthew fans. Even my parents (definitive “dog people”) think he's great! Matthew still loves bird watching and Greenies treats. He’s lost a fair amount of weight and looks almost svelt, but I wouldn’t say he’s exactly nimble…jumping onto the bed is a stretch for him.

It took him a while to truly open up to me but the last few months he’s just been the sweetest. Every night he jumps onto the bed to cuddle with me. If I come home late he’s concerned like a big brother and doesn’t let me out of his sight. He hates being picked up but loves belly rubs and making biscuits. Matthew is the perfect cat and I’m so glad that I got him. If my personality was a cat, it would be Matthew. He’s my perfect little chicken bean fluffy boy."

Every animal in our care deserves to be doted on, and we want each one of them to find the loving homes they deserve. We're in it for the long haul, especially for the 38 dogs and four cats who have been at our shelter for over a year. Will you help these animals receive the care they need while they wait for their perfect family? Will you join us for the long haul? Give now.

Matthew in his new home!

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