Special Funds

The "Who's a Good Dog" Fund

Many dogs who come into our shelter simply need a boost in confidence or more instruction on how to behave in a home environment. Research shows that dogs who exhibit timid, aggressive, anxious, or aloof behaviors are overlooked when they meet potential adopters and typically have longer length of stays in animal shelters *. These behaviors are often due to stress and are big barriers in finding their forever homes.   

That’s where our expert training partners like Canine PhD, MarLee and Me Dog Training, and Wriggles and Wags come in. Our partners use positive reinforcement techniques and reward-based training to teach shelter dogs the skills they need to thrive in their forever home (providing many pro bono services, but some of our pups need further assistance and dedication).

For 50+ years we have been going above and beyond to ensure all pets have the best care available, sometimes spending thousands of dollars on one animal alone. However, we can only provide the necessary training to give our pups the best chance at finding a loving home with your support! Please help our long-term shelter pets get the training they need to find their new families and thrive.

* In-Kennel Behavior Predicts Length of Stay in Shelter Dogs


Help Me Heal Fund

We have many shelter pets who need special treatment so they can live full, happy lives. For 50+ years we have been going above and beyond to ensure that all pets have the best care available, sometimes spending thousands of dollars on one animal alone. However, we can only provide the care they need with your help! Please help our shelter pets get the treatment they need to live full, happy lives.

Little PAWS Fund

In late spring and early summer, we are overwhelmed by litters of unwanted puppies and kittens. These abandoned babies place a tremendous strain on our already stretched resources. Their veterinary care is very costly with multiple rounds of booster shots, milk replacement formula, special food, antibiotics and spaying/neutering. They also require round-the-clock bottle feedings and constant monitoring because they are so susceptible to diseases. It takes a lot of time, attention and money to care for these precious babies and to prepare them for their new forever homes.

As the oldest and one of the very few no-kill animal shelters in Georgia, we never euthanize an animal based on a lack of time or space. Our pets stay here until we find them homes - no matter how long it takes. But we can't do it without your help. Your gift to the Little PAWS Fund will make a huge difference in the lives of these little paws. 


Feline Fund

Did you know that adult cats often have the longest length of stays at animal shelters? For 54 years PAWS has been dedicated to placing homeless animals into permanent, loving homes. We're always looking for partners to help us with our mission, and Java Cats Café has literally been a lifesaver for our cats. This amazing business houses between 15-20 of our cats at any given time, which means more room at the shelter and more capacity to save lives. Java Cats gets our cats out of the shelter and into a friendly, loving, and comfortable space to be adopted. PAWS Atlanta kitties live at Java Cats Café until they are adopted, and they are never caged or crated. Since opening in March of 2017, Java Cats Cafe has placed over 350 cats (and counting) into loving homes. Because of them, we can save even MORE cats in need in Atlanta. But we can't continue this lifesaving work without you! When you give to PAWS Atlanta Feline Fund, you are helping to provide the medical care, food, shelter, and love to our cats in need.
Will you help us save a homeless cat's life today?


Spay/Neuter Fund

Each year, over four million animals are euthanized in shelters across the country. As one of the few no-kill animal shelters in Georgia,PAWS Atlanta strives to reduce the problem of pet overpopulation by spaying/neutering our shelter animals and offering low-cost spay/neuters to the public.

By making a tax-deductible contribution to the PAWS Atlanta Spay/Neuter Fund, you are helping to alleviate the terrible consequence of pet overpopulation. Donate to the Spay/Neuter Fund today!

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