A tax-efficient way to help animals

Donating investments—especially appreciated securities—can be an effective and tax-efficient way to support PAWS Atlanta. The following example for a $10,000 gift highlights why gifting appreciated stock may be an option for you to consider.*

Example 1: $10,000 Cash Donation

Cash contribution: $10,000
Marginal tax rate: 37%
Income tax saved: $3,700 
Estimated after tax cost of gift: $6,300

Example 2: $10,000 Donation of Appreciated Stock

FMV of stock: $10,000
Amount paid for stock: $5,000
Income tax saved: $3,700
Capital gains tax saved ($5k x 20%): $1,000
Investment income tax saved ($5k x 3.8% Medicare surtax): $190
Estimated after tax cost of gift: $5,110

The donor saves $1,190 by donating stock rather than cash.

If you have questions, or to notify PAWS Atlanta of your stock gift, please contact our Controller, Darren Huennekens.

*Source: The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta and Charitable Donations: The Basics of Giving

Tax ID: 58-6074088

Legal Name: PAWS Atlanta, Incorporated

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Decatur, GA 30035

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